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“living slowly” and appreciating the small joys- A personal reflection

“Slow living” is the idea that the hours of the day are spent more intentionally, work load is reduced, and personal fulfillment is of importance. The most distinguishing quality of this philosophy is that you prioritize your well-being over your achievements.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”

I love this quote so much because I think it really sums up what I took from the idea of slow living. I want to be ambitious, I want to get everything I set my mind to, but I’m rethinking that the way I move should be a lot different.

I realized that There are just as many types of ambition, as there are roads to success. Some people decide to look down at the dirt, hurt themselves through unrealistic expectations, or putting their body through unrealistic work hours/diet, or even through constant negative self-talk, thinking that is what is going to drive them to success. It doesn’t have to be like that. Nature doesn’t do that. I could move a lot slower, with more confidence and purpose, and still get to the same destination. Like a lion or elephant. Ahaha.

Life is short, but the days are long

This time we are in we are use to getting quick results immediately, it’s been very hard to resist this way of thinking when it comes to success.

Slowing down and taking the time to be an expert in whatever it is you are trying to do is something that is

The older I’m getting I’m starting to appreciate people who have dedicated years to perfect their craft. There is something that time does that is irreplaceable: It gives you wisdom. It gives you that understanding of not only what to do but how and when. This is the reason why when elders talk, it has so much value.

It is also a reminder to spend time with your craft and remember why you enjoy it in the first place: not for what it gives you, but its presence as well.

Life is short, but not short enough for short cuts.

Once we get it, let’s keep it a big deal

I don’t know about you guys, but I had this bad habit of begging God to give me something & once it happened I was on to the next thing. I didn’t stop and smell the roses enough, or congratulate myself on small victories. Why not keep things a big deal once I get it? Why not let it be as special as it was when I use to fantasize about it? Why not enjoy the small steps?

I really think Greed can exists when it comes to interpersonal things too. If I’m never satisfied with the small joys, the small accomplishments, the small laughs, I will never be happy with anything.

This may sound like the obvious thing to do, but seeing the beauty of today and practicing gratitude requires a lot of discipline. Slowing down makes these small things a lot bigger, and you start to see the value of them more. I shouldn’t wait for the moment to pass to realize how special it was.

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