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Photo-film Wall DIY

  • this was done pre-quarantine

House parties are so underrated these days! Honestly it’s so much more memorable and comfortable to have parties at home. I think people tend to jump to renting an airbnb or a venue to make it more photographic friendly but it doesn’t have to be like that. There’s so many ways to make any space look beautiful. This string lights one is one of my favourites because it takes only 20 minutes to set up and it looks so beautiful !

Materials/ Steps (5)

  • string lights (I got mine on amazon for around 20$ and they last forever- link )

  • Command hooks, around 10$ (these are amazing I use them for so many things, not only are they durable but they are the easiest to remove!!! link)

  • Some clothsline pins – I got it from my local dollarstore for 1.25$
  • To print the photos go to walmart!! it costs less than 20 cents to print a photo and you can print directly from your phone since its a USB. I printed about ~25-30

  • faux Flowers! I already had some but you can grab them at your local arts and craft store. If you can find vines that would be a lot easier.

All you have to do is follow the instructions on the command hook to stick the hooks on the wall. The weight limit is like 3 pounds so don’t even worry about the string lights falling off. Attach the flowers to the hooks before following it up with the string lights, clip the photos, and Viola!! beautiful and super easy!

should look like this before plugging in the lights
the final product

Let me know what you think! I love this because it is one of my favourite go-to decors.

All in all,

If you are having a house-party my suggestion is to play with two things: 1. Space, and 2. lighting. Lighting is a very quick easy way to create a vibe without doing much, dimming the lights also does a really great job at hiding the flaws of the place lol. Secondly, look around the room and see what is moveable to create more space- can you move the furniture to another room? Can you place more items in the closet? Minimizing clutter is another great way of opening up the room, and it also gives you a bigger canvas to mess around with.

If people can go home with a great picture and a full stomach, you win host of the year. Make sure you try to create at least one photo-friendly area! The whole place doesn’t need to be 🙂

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