“What is Poetry?

Poetry is for everyone. For the mathematician, the entrepreneur, the stay-at-home mom, the priest, the president, or the kids. Poetry is, “ah, there it is.” It is to find the words for that feeling within your chest. Poetry is nothing more than to reach into the depths of your throat, and pull out the thread of whatever has clogged the crevasses of your heart. To lay that thread in front of you, and pen it onto a page. You don’t need to be anybody to read poetry. You don’t need to be anybody to write poetry. In poetry you can skip pages, skip lines, until you find anything that resonates with you. It doesn’t need go anywhere, be shown, or turn into anything. The only thing poetry asks from you, is to acknowledge that you are, in fact, a living being.”

– The Homemade Remedy for the Mildly to Severely Poisoned