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Buying flowers and enjoying the breeze. (Also some Eid pics)

Bought the prettiest dress from h&m I wanted to share.

  • I had to get a bunch of flowers a couple of days earlier and it ended up matching so well with my outfit, I couldn’t resist.
  • do NOT invite me to a picnic because I will really head off and start a full on shoot

This is the actual bag I got to match and I absolutely fell in love with it

can you believe you guys it was $50 and I got it on sale for $10?

  • I was looking for this style since December and it was always way too expensive. I walked into urban planet, of all stores, and I found it. Proof you don’t need to shop big to find what you love. Real bamboo too!
  • The hijab is from Ugaasada.


Eid started really early for me. Because of limited capacity of masjids we hoped getting up early would secure us a spot at eid salaah, but it was still full

This was the line for 7am eid salah.. can you believe this?

  • It wrapped around the building. We said hell no and ended up finding a really tiny masjid, around 50 people, and allhamdulilah we got in
you have to wear a mask the entire prayer, and also leave a contact in case there was someone there with COVID they could inform you
BYOS… Bring your own salii

Never thought I would have to bring a prayer mat to a masjid. Very strange times.

  • After eid salah I took a nap before getting ready for the family picnic. It was nice seeing some family after the whole quarantine.
when harry met sally
beautiful park

Overall, it was a very calm and warm eid weekend. My type of vibe. Eid in the summer is really unmatched.

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