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DIY Longboard Design

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The Longboard

I got this longboard online and it happened to be bacon print of all things 😅 it didn’t really matter though cause I was gonna DIY anyways


The first thing I did was try and use sandpaper to remove the paint. Didn’t go well…..

Scratched up

I not only tired myself but I was very irresponsible and I didn’t use any sort of hand protection and the skin on my fingers were so damaged. So yeah don’t do that

Lacquer? What’s that?

Used lacquer thinner to remove the rest of the paint

No more pork

the thinner worked really well. It was only $10 too.

Pink + White Spray paint

Used two different colours to create a gradient effect. This was the pink bottle: Peonie


This was pretty difficult to do as spray paint colours are not consistent. I tried my best.

All done

I used permanent marker to write some words. I also put white covers on the wheels to show how it would look once it’s all complete. I’ve been trying to find white wheels but they’ve been sold out everywhere.

  • I’m afraid if I travel too far I’ll never turn back
  • I’ll head out to a place where the trees
  • are so filled with stories
  • that they drip honey from their leaves
  • And all the other living beings
  • don’t care to know a single thing about me

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