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Micro-failures are actually wins — What I’ve been learning

I think it can get so discouraging if you are trying to achieve something and you are constantly hit with setbacks and failures. Failures (for me at least) can turn into seeds of self-doubt and can take a huge toll on ones self-esteem. With so much failures it’s very easy to want to give up, but we don’t want that. #nowayhoze.

I came across this term called “micro-failing” from this blog post written 3 years ago and I’ve been attached to the idea ever since. It’s been helping me understand how to see my journey more clearly.

As long as you’re still in the game, whatever you’re dealing with is a micro-failure

In the blog, he said he categorizes all his failures into two: macro-failures and micro-failures:

A macro failure is dying. A macro failure is filing chapter 11 and going directly out of business…

…I deem almost everything else a micro failure. I believe that most people look at micro failures and make them bigger than they are. It’s a mindset.  There’s always a way to come back if it didn’t kill you.

This is a very important mindset that I’m trying to adopt. I’m starting to chalk everything up as apart of the journey.

I think my problem before was that I simply wasn’t humble enough to realize I have so, so, so much to learn. I was so obsessed the idea that I had some good skills, some good ideas, and so what the heck?? why isn’t it playing out like I thought it would?

I’m feeling this most from the degree I’m trying to get. I’ve failed and dealt with a lot of setbacks, more than my peers. I’m proud of how far I’ve come, but it’s kind of embarrassing how long I’m taking to get one degree. Clearly there’s something with studying I haven’t mastered. I’m trying to see this delay as a micro-failure.

Fail fast & fail often

Micro-failures are actually wins because 1. the loss isn’t that bad and 2. it’s teaching you something. That is why people say, “fail fast and often” because with every one of those micro-failures, you are learning an extremely valuable lesson. Some lessons can only be learnt in execution, you can’t read about it. Every human is different, their learning curve is different, their journey is different, & how they operate is different. It’s so important to go out and learn what will work for you. You can only do that if you try.

I remember when I was first learning how to ice skate, I was so self-conscious that I, at my big age, was constantly falling in front of so much people. But one day, while I was putting on my skates, I had an epiphany: every single person on this rink with me has fell before. Multiple times. That is literally the only way to learn. Nobody is taken out their mothers womb with ice skates attached to their feet (could you imagine? lol)

That’s how we should see every single skill on this earth. Nobody magically figured out how to do what you’re trying to do. They went through a process that you are going through right now. Let’s digest, embrace, and implement the lessons we are learning from the failures. It’s a sign you’re on the way to the top.

As you work it’s important to relax

I know I wrote about this before, but I always like saying it again because it’s a very important reminder. At the end of the day, our lives are much much more than our work. As we try and figure it out our work problems, let’s remember we have a family, friends, and interests outside of this all. We aren’t defined by our work. Sometimes my failures hit me really hard and that’s because I’m defining my entire existence off of one aspect of my life. I’m trying to constantly remind myself to detach myself from the outcome and keep focusing on the improvement. It’ll come with time. I have faith in that.

let’s keep “failing forward” 🙂

What are your thoughts? What have you learned from your failures? What are some tips you have on coping with “the process”? Let me know in the comments (or you can email me at

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