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The Time I Swapped My Iphone for a Pink Bedazzled Flip Phone

I feel like there comes a point in everyones lives when they need to just go. You know? Just go. I was this close (🤏🏾) to taking a train to the alpines and becoming a sheep herder, but I couldn’t really do that so I opted for getting a flip phone, which is basically the same thing.

I’m not gonna lie looking back my mental (and creative) space was the most healthiest. It just made me realize I am on this earth as a human being. I’m breathing, I’m walking around, no one really knows what I am up to, hard to get in contact with. Chaotic freedom.

This phone we carry with us has become such an extension of our lives, it was crazy to come face to face with the reality that it’s just a decision. We decided to adopt this piece of metal everywhere we go. We decided to fill up our hours with answering the bombarding text messages, emails, social media notifications. With my flip phone (that I bedazzled myself btw) my day seemed so much more simple and calmer. I remembered all the people I talked to, the articles I read. I also thoroughly enjoyed the attention I received when people noticed my device.

“So what do you do all day?”

The weirdest part during this phase was people asking me, “So what do you do with your time?” I always felt like that was the oddest question because the only thing that probably changed about my life was my access to social media. And 9/10 that’s what they were referring to. Honestly, I think that says more about the person than me, the absence of social media shouldn’t effect your day, and if it does, there’s probably something missing in your life, not mine.

The End 

Alas, this phase came to an end when the people around me were sick of being my operator. Every time I was lost, or I needed to find my tutorial room, or a store hours, I’d call someone and ask them to google it for me. I got tired of that too, having access to the internet is a necessity in todays age. Also, as confident as I am in myself, I hated those moments when you are sitting with someone and there’s a lull in the convo, I had no phone to pull out. I just had to stare off into space and acknowledge every second of the awkwardness.

After Effects 

After this experiment my usage of social media decreased drastically. I was doing this for a while, but after I came back to the smartphone world I turned off all my notifications except phone calls. I don’t need to be alerted with every message/ notification. I will get to my messages when I have the time to, I don’t need to stop whatever I’m doing when my phone lights up.

I participate in many experiments I’d rate this one a solid 8/10


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