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The New Age Guide on How to be Corrupt and Still Have People Love You

If your hearts are heedless to your actions
And being caught is what you fear,
Then fear not!
As I’ve created for you this guide
For you to become corrupt
And still have people love you
To dance and to sing
Is all this brave new world needs
Why stress over what to do
If what you say is what shall be?
So to gain the success
Of those I like to call,
“The Severely Poisoned,”
That’s those who can
Start false wars,
Prevent policies that benefit the poor,
Or even plot a murder
Hidden, encased, and
Openly retraced in your toothpaste
To achieve this all,
And still walk freely upon this earth
Place a mirror in front of me
And begin to sing
Sing until your words have me enamoured by what I see
Sing a song that makes me feel like a hero
With a cape and a loyal team 
Sing until I forget 
Which side was the side that decided
To invade and to bomb
Whoever they pleased overseas
Sing songs of my grace
If it’s products you want to sell
Of my empowerment
Of my innovation
Of my good
Sing until I forget to check 
If your products are stitched
With the bits of dead skin
From the hands of the overworked and underpaid
Create bigger mirrors that cover my world view
Sing until my reflection
Is all that I see
So even when I know people are suffering,
I’ll be too preoccupied by this image to care
And deep down 
You can work safe
Knowing I won’t switch to fair trade when I see it
I’m going to continue to support working conditions that are inhumane
When I walk by that sign that reads 3 tops for $11.99?
If I pass that up I’ll be insane
Cause the dollars I’m saving I see 
And the lives that I hurt I don’t
So the struggle of change is not worth that change
And I gotta remember,
At the end of the day
I got a bunch of these loans and bills 
and its only under my name

The reality is you don’t have to hide that your corrupt
If all I’m staring at is myself
So make sure that it’s all about me, me, me
To the point where I forget about my responsibilities 
To my neighbourhood, to my community, and to humanity
They say a narcissist rather live in a basement full of mirrors than a well-furnished mansion 
So please, if it’s my love you want
Keep telling me to imagine
A perfect home, A perfect career, A perfect life of complete happiness
But that doesn’t exist
And while I spent a lifetime climbing,
Supporting you,
For me,
Trying to figure this out
The suffering around me continues
But I promise you 
A day will come
When I will have the strength 
To drag my hammer
And smash every single mirror in my home
I will smash every mirror
Until the only reflection I have of myself is in the darkness of my neighbour’s eye
And the only reflection I have of my character is in the amount of food on their plate 
Because what if I decide 
This life of mine is not just about me?
Not just about my career, my job, my problems, my family
What if I take it upon myself to remember others in my decision?
To look a little to the left and right once in a while,
See how everyone is doing?
Then maybe on that day
I will remember you,
The Severely Poisoned
And all the evil that you do 

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  • Donn Diulio

    I got what you intend, thankyou for putting up.Woh I am happy to find this website through google. “Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public.” by Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno.

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