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It’s Always a Good Idea to Have Breakfast in a Pretty Place.

yes, my shirt does have the 🌸 emoji
the girls bathroom sign (cute!)

If you’re in Toronto/Vaughn area go to this breakfast place near Vaughn Mills. It’s called Evviva. I’m in love with the aesthetics. The prices isn’t too bad either, I got a waffle + mango smoothie for 20$, my friend got an omelette + homestyle fries + tea for the same price.

I went home and I thought- If I had a breakfast place I would really design it like this (you see that flower wall? the pink chairs? lol). The place is small but they really made do with the space. While I was eating I was complimenting the place, (I thought they had an interior designer come in) & the waitress overheard me & told me it was actually the owner that designed everything, and they did it under one month. Wow. So shout out to you, owner, and your lovely taste.

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