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♡ making flower-pressed necklaces for my friends like it’s the 1800s ♡


  • Necklace Bezels
  • Epoxy Resin (the most priciest thing but you can do a lot with a little bottle- I personally think the price is worth it. I seen some people try to use hot glue as a cheaper alternative if you want to save some money)
  • Flowers
  • Tape
  • Textbooks or any heavy book


  1. To prepare the dried flowers. Get a large book of any kind and place the flowers in between the middle of the book. If the textbook has a glossier material I use newspapers as an in-between layer but I don’t know if that is even necessary
  2. Let it dry for a week. If you’re impatient like me (lol) you can check after 3 days sometimes it’s dry enough to use
  • After preparing the dried flowers it’s time to prepare the resin
  1. The best type of resin to get is one that has a 1:1 ratio with it’s hardener (think of resin as liquid plastic, & you need to add a catalyst or some other substance to make it solid) I made the mistake of getting polyester resin and its hardener was some complicated measurements. Also it just stinksss. So don’t get that
  2. So hypothetically if you got the one I suggested, for every one spoon of resin you would pour another spoon of hardener. I used around 3 table spoons of each to make 8 necklaces, and still had some left over
  3. When you mix be sure to mix SLOWLY. I made the mistake of mixing quickly and that is why some of the necklaces have air bubbles in them.
  4. Once you’re done mixing, get tape and set it as the base of the bezel. When it’s done drying you’ll peel it off.
  5. Pour a little bit of the mix as a base, place the flower inside, then pour it on top. If you find some air bubbles you can get a toothpick or a pen and pop them. I also realized by blowing hot air with my mouth some of them popped lol. Something to do with CO2 reacting with the bubbles idk I really hate chemistry I’m getting ptsd typing this.
  6. Leave it to dry. Should take about 10 hours.
  • can’t even model it for you guys smh. Hijabi problems.

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