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The Queen’s Speech

This is in no disrespect to the people around me,
But I’m not satisfied with the life I got
There’s a crown out there and I declare it as mine
I am a queen
And I am claiming my crown

I know that it’s mine
Because I close my eyes and I see it
And I dream it in my sleep
I wake up knowing today is one day closer
To the day I am finally free

Because I’m going to take that crown
And I’m going to turn it into a plane
So I can shoot off into space
I’m going to leave to travel unknown lands,
Learn from unknown people,
I’m going to wander through jungles
And stand small between the tallest trees
A feeling so calm,
And ever so peaceful

I’m going to turn that crown into a boat and enter into the ocean
To visit the world underneath ours
To swim alongside the largest of the living
A feeling so humbling yet terrifying
And I’m going to set off to the people who live by the mountains
Who sees my life as strange as the virgin’s birth
And I’m going to turn my crown into a blanket
To cloak me when I reach the coldest corners of the earth

And I will turn that crown into a sword
For when I finally reach my people
To fight against the birth of the beast
For a sword that is willed by many
Is one that has yet to see defeat

And I will to turn that crown into an antidote
One pure as water itself
To extinguish the fire man claims life doesn’t exist without

And then I am going to take that crown
And I am going to break it into a million pieces
To form a million crowns
So we have a million
Mini kings and queens running around
In hopes that I have created for them
A future a million times brighter than ours

But then
I’m snapped back
Into reality
When my loved ones tell me I’m being unrealistic
And I look into their eyes only to see concern
When they tell me,
‘Asli, you really aren’t that different’
Oo how that makes my heart veins clench and turn

Cause it’s not that I think I’m different
I know that I am
But it’s not just how it came to be
But that I had tied sticks to my budding roots so that they would form different
And I had fetched water from different wells so that they would come out, born different
And I had provided it all these special kinds of nutrients so the type of brawn’s different
And I had lifted it high up to the sun’s rays in hopes that one day they would perform different

So when they grow tall
And strong
And start climbing up walls
And start ripping through fences
And start to wrap around my enemies’ necks and-
That’s when you want to tell me
I’m not that different?
I’ve grown into something you cannot recognize
And I am deserving of that crown

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