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Customizing An Old Wallet

I stopped using this Micheal Kors wallet about 7 years ago. It was just laying around and I thought, why should I throw it out? I could definitely play around with it using the things I have laying around. So this ended up being my latest DIY project

1. Repainting the hardware

So to begin with, the gold from the hardware had a lot of scratches, so I bought gold metallic spray paint to clean it up.

But before I could paint it I put tape around the leather surrounding it to avoid staining

Doesn’t really matter since we are gonna paint the leather anyways but just to make my life easier.

The colour wasn’t a complete match but it’s all good

2. Repainting the leather

So after the spray paint dried, I put the tape now over the hardware, to prevent it staining from the leather paint. This actually is important so I took my time with it.

Then I started painting one coat at a time. One coat takes about 3 minutes to dry so I did a couple layers to take away the tearing.

This paint is really potent so you don’t need a lot. I still have 75% of the bottle left after I finished this.

Filling in the cracks with a smaller brush
colour comparison

I was so surprised how similar the colour was to the original bag! I was really pleasantly surprised because I really love this colour

3. Preparing the Handle

So for the handle I thought I’d use a gold choker that I had laying around. I bent it so it would be around the same with as the bag. I love this idea so much, I think a hardware handle is so unique and I personally have yet to see it done this way. Yay!

I have to cut the two small chains that attach to the back of the neck to make room for the holes in the stitching.

4. Stitching

Not gonna lie this was the most difficult part. I’m not the greatest sower but I tried what I could. Honestly the bend of the choker had such a strong force that it holds itself in place, it really only needs a little bit of attachment to keep it intact.

I’m probably going to have to sharpen my sowing skills and do this part again in the future, but for now it works!!!! Wohooo!!!

All done

Bonus: Alternative handle

the bonus of this hardware handle, besides its classiness, is that you can customize it a lot easier. Here I took another chain and wrapped it around, creating a totally different vibe.

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