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I’d thought it would be cool to show how a day in my life goes when I have a decor set up on my schedule. I’m kind of a boring person so nothing wild lol. I enjoy calming days.

I wish I could document the morning but that was probably the most busiest part of the day. Making sure the flower wall is okay, making sure I have all the materials, lugging the wood into the car. Also the time on the VHS is wrong so just ignore that lol.

Numbing yourself vs. distracting yourself

What do you think of the discussion that my friend & I had about numbing yourself?

Do you think it’s true the current adults seem a lot more depressed/dealing with more mental stress than the previous generation? Or do you think we have gotten to a point in society where we can be more vocal about our mental state? Let me know your opinion down below.

this is the tweet we were talking about:

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