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Moon necklaces – Still Practising !

  • messed around some more with resin & I made these necklaces! Love em. I kind of messed up with the silver one, unfortunately, but whampostdo.
  • It was really difficult trying to figure out how to avoid staining, as I was using different types of paper and water colours. I know there’s some sort of sealing you’re suppose to do but I’m too broke for that loool. I ended up using tape, glue, and even saran wrap.
  • The note I wrote says:
"Imagine that, I was shown the stars, the planets, and what is far beyond
Yet beauty, in my eyes, will always be you

You are my moon"

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  • Anonymous

    Your last note really stuck out to me, sometimes beauty is more than what we are exposed to as it is really something from within making it so pure. Love it!

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