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I’m realizing just because I am not “materialistic” doesn’t mean I can’t get attached to this dunya. A personal Reflection

You know I always use to think that just because I’m not chasing bags of money or a hollywood hills lifestyle, then I’m doing a pretty good job at not being attached to this dunya, but I’m realizing that’s not really the case.

I’ve been noticing myself lately that I’ve been consumed with “the process” of getting to where I want to be. And though the things I want are not superficial or materialistic, it can create tunnel vision and I find myself forgetting the akhirah. It’s like I know the akhirah is my final goal, but I’m so obsessed with adding the building blocks to my life, making sure I’m progressing in the right way that my thoughts and heart become tied to it. It becomes all I think about.

It really makes me wonder: if the things that we wish for or the goals we have, no matter how intrinsically fulfilling, if it causes us to zero in on it to the point where all we think about the next task, is it any different than those who are chasing a flashy lifestyle? Am I only fuelling my ego by believing I’m better when in reality I’m the exact same? Cause the only result of attaching yourself to this dunya, regardless of which part of it, is getting your heart broken. It reminds me of this quote:

“If a heart becomes attached to anything other than Allah, Allah makes him dependent on what he is attached to. And he will be betrayed by it”

-Ibn Qayyim

It’s really a trap and personally it’s been hard for me to stop and take a step back and say “ok, I have to not take things so seriously, this world is nothing more than a test.” Especially when you’re in an environment where everyone is chasing this world. It’s hard to separate yourself remind yourself none of this really matters. Even when it does.

I really love this quote, “We should keep the day of our Janazah in front of us” and it’s been helping me ground myself.

The end does not justify the means 

Furthermore, if I’m telling myself that the reason why I’m busy, and the reason why I want to get to my goal is for the sake of Allah, but the entire process I’m rushing my salah, I’m not doing ihsaan, I’m not following the correct rulings, what makes me think I’ll do it when I get there? How does it make it for the sake of Allah? Who am I fooling? Only the circus… the ends does not justify the means.

I really believe our greatest achievements are a result of our tiny habits so if we decide to skip out on these types actions, theres no way we’ll do whats right when we get to where we want to be.

Gratitude is greater than verbal 

Life is much more beautiful when Allah is at the centre of things, it’s so calming, anxiety is reduced, and I feel my chest relax and my mind gets quiet.

I’m truly grateful for the blessings Allah has given me, I’m grateful to be alive and I should look for ways to use it to please Him with it.

And for me, one way I’m really trying to do this is by staying within the boundaries Allah set, and making it a priority to learn what is required from me as a Muslim. It is not enough for me to tell myself in my heart I love Allah. Gratitude should be apparent in action just as much as it is on the tongue, so I’m trying to do better at adding structure to this love so it is not just fluff. I could unknowingly be doing so many things that garner Allah’s Anger (may Allah protect us) it is important to have the desire to gain knowledge to reduce this dilemma.

All in all

Life can get overwhelming, busy, tiring, and there can be a million things on our to-do list, but let’s try our best to keep Allah at the centre of things because that is the only true type of success. And with everything else, it is important to remember it is only when Allah allows things to happen is when it will come together. Let’s reject those who are chasing this world and remember the greater purpose: our final home.

I’ll leave with this post I love

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