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A Photobooth D.I.Y. (stand-less option too!)

you will need:
1. Foam board (amount depending on the size of photobooth you want, unfortunately for me the only size I could get was too small so I had to add 4 together)
2. Knife or box cutter
3. Gorilla Glue (or any heavy duty glue)
4. Adhesive hooks
5. Rope
Glue two boards together at the tips
(this will be half the photobooth vertically so make sure you size the height accordingly)
Cut half the frame out
Note: Do not use scissors!! it will not get a sleek cut. Make sure to use a sharp tool like a box cutter or a knife.
It’s okay if it isn’t a straight line you can shave it down later with the knife. Obviously the better you do it the first time, the easier
****Repeat step 2-4 for the other two boards****
Once they are glued together take the completed half and flip it on top, then cut the new two pieces along the lines- this ensures they will be symmetrical
Now you should have two pieces that look like this
glue the two pieces together
Viola! Now you got a photo picture
now to make it free standing you’ll need to get these adhesive hooks that could be found at walmart or home depot or your local hardware store
flip the photobooth over and sick the adhesive hooks upside down on the back
do this across the entire board (this picture only has two for illustration)
find a well lit corner in the house
(you can use a doorway as well)
sitck the adhesive hooks to the wall and attach a piece of the rope to them
hook the photobooth onto the rope
make sure the hook is tightly secured to the wall, and the rope is tightly secured to the hook
voilà! now it is free standing. Time to shave it down and decorate!
btw dont worry about the lines the decorations will cover them
Tip: If you don’t like the lines then you can take construction paper and cut out the same shape and glue it over

Hope you liked this DIY!!!!

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