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The XMR case

Just came back from Xamar recently, My little niece hid a shilling in my bag lol, so I thought to customize my case to keep it with me to remind myself the lessons I learned on this trip. Pretty simple, just laminated the money with clear tape (ghetto) and used gorilla glue to attach. (Loooool dawg I picked the toughest glue I could find at Home Depot I have no idea why??? It was stuck on my hands for weeks)

My trip showed me a beautiful sight- the war is ending, my people are rebuilding, the rest of Africa is blooming. What a time to be alive. I’m excited for these next couple of years. Africa is waking up & I’m putting money on Somalis being on top of that list. Their intelligence &charisma? Unmatched. Hidaaya? Check. The banter? Top tier. They just need a chance. I hope hope hope my next trip I can travel different regions, Sanaag mountains in the North is on the top of my list iA.🤞🏾 Guul to my ppldem, especially the ones rebuilding & rewriting the narrative

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