Why I Run

You don’t need to know much about Tennis
To know the name Serena
And it’s hard to find an excuse
After watching Wilma in Rome

The hours put in
To get recognized
To get crowned
As the greatest

In through the fear
Between the doubt and the urgency

In through the heartbreak
Between setbacks and failures
In through the days,
The months,
The weeks, 
Of preparation
For this one moment

Do you have that in you?

Show me,
Do you have what’s great in you?
Are you willing to fight?
Are you willing to sit through the dark nights?

Are you willing to join those who rise every morning and declare:

“I believe greatness is written for me
It flows in my veins
You will have to
and rip apart
this dream
from my nerves
Before I will stop
This is my time
This is my era”

And thats why I run
And I will continue to run

I will run until I am faster than Wilma in Rome
and I will not stop until I am greater than Serena

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