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The ROM Museum

Went to the ROM museum by myself (which I think was extremely romantic of me). I’m going to share the things that resonated with me *aesthetically* but also some cool historical stuff too. So sorry if you wanted to know more detail about some of the items & it’s not there.

BTW, If you’re in Toronto and have a student card it’s free on Tuesdays!

Stele rubbing from the great mosque in Xi’an

“An imperial decree of 1393 by the first emperor of the Ming dynasty announced special privileges to be granted to Muslims in China. These included freedom to travel and to practice their religion: ‘That two mosques be built in two different places…That should be allowed to repair the mosques without hinderance, should they fall into ruin'”

Thought that was cool

from china
Cool! I can see a character design being inspired from this

Jesus christ, Marie they’re not rocks, they’re minerals

can you believe these all came from the earth?


natural formation that occur in 30 million year old sands

can’t believe this is real- it reminds me of that one dragon ball z character. I forgot his name but the pink one

The ROM looks like a spaceship, love it


The body of from a young man in ancient egypt (12th century)

His name was Nakht. Based on the description on his coffin we know much about his short life.

wow……. He probably never could fathom where his body lays to rest. I wonder how much things in history had to happen for him to end up here.

Also..What is in this brain? So much remnants of his memories, I wish there was a way to retrieve them.

byzantine jewellery (549 AD) #fresh

India. 1764.

Pakistani court document. Lahore, 1822

People in the past use to make everything so pretty I swear. Now what do we have? Times new roman?

Cartridge Box. Ottoman dynasty (18th century)
Ottoman. #Icy

Also Ottoman. Imagine travelling around with your horse looking this fresh. Amazing.


Parade Scene

This fragment of a wall tile depicts a young patrician embraced, possibly by his father, walking his caparisoned horse to the sounds of a marching bad. Iran, 17th century

South African headpiece. Pretty!


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