Thank you for Calling Me Arrogant

I will tell you I’m a very simple minded girl
When it comes to the nature of this world
If it is not this, 
then it is that
And to me,
it is as simple as that

So when it comes to the flaw of man,
I‘d rather be told I’m arrogant
Than said 
to be seen
Struggling with self esteem 

And I’d rather get scolded 
for demanding too harshly
Than to be drowned out by the noise of this world

And I’d rather be known
for resorting to violence 
to defend my truth
Than to end up being a tragedy
 the world speaks of in regret

And I’d rather get looks of disgust
As I proudly yell 
I am the most beautiful
Human on the planet
Than to get looks of pity
When I mention
all the things I don’t like about myself

And I would 
in my own spit 
Before I am called nice

“nice” is an insult
For it is not polite nor kind
It is not earned through respectable action
Nor does it require any sort of courage
In moments of trial
It is merely satisfactory
A pat on the back for complying 

So thank you for calling me arrogant
For if I am not this to you,
Then I am that

And to me that is simply the nature of this world 

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