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Oil and Water

Like oil and water
The two that don’t mix
Those who create their art to contribute to their field
And those who create to reap from it

Though they may sound the same
And you might make a face,
One dense with intention
And one intending only on attracting attention, acquiring acquisitions,
Like oil and water
The two that don’t mix

If it seems
Behind the glass
The difference is unclear,
Be patient through the lag 
And the separation shall appear

Those alike will bond with those alike
One group positive, bringing life
The other will soon self-expose
For their actions lay a path too combustible
Content cheap, not caring how it effects a soul
Or if it may drill society into a deeper hole
They are a group soon to spiral, self-explode
As one cannot live with
What cannot be consumed

Where ever my journey goes,
My art’s beauty
Lies in its purpose
Not in its fame
It does not care for numbers,
Or even its creator’s name

And that is the key, the remedy, the cure
Causing work to remain valuable and pure
For it then ascends to a truth, forever absolute

Even if it settles at the bottom
Like oil and water
The two that don’t mix

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