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Extra, extra, read all about it. Interesting news this week (03/29/20)

I want to share 3 stories I read that personally stuck out to me. Hot off the press. Even if the story didn’t come out this week, I heard about it this week and honestly… that’s the only thing that matters.

1. No use crying over spilt milk.. or is there?

I don’t know if you guys heard but the milk industry is taking a hard hit from the rona.

According to the article, a farmer has been directed to dump close to 5,000 gallons of perfectly fine milk every day.

It’s just very confusing to me that they resort to dumping.. food.. during a pandemic? And during the highest unemployment rate on American record? How does that make sense? This isn’t the only food item this is happening to. Vegetables like squash is another example.

The only reason why I’m sharing this story is because when people talk in support of the existence of large corporations, or rich people not paying taxes, the argument always seems to be about “trickle down economics” and how supporting the rich will end up benefitting the poor in the future.

Well look at this. A perfect opportunity for a resource to be allocated to the poor and look what happens. It’s almost as if large corporations without regulations can’t be trusted with morals.

The only thing trickling down right now is the milk. Down the drain. Smh.

2. Testing vaccines in Africa?

Social media went into a frenzy when a story came out that the DR Congo approved for Canada, the US, or China to test a corona vaccine on Congolese citizens. I’ve been researching a lot about this and there’s no credible news source covering this story so I don’t know how true that is.

What did happen for sure though, is that two french doctors went on air and discuss the possibility of testing in Africa. The careless manner in which they spoke caused critics to label them as racist.

In their defence, they released a statement saying their words were taken out of context.

I think the problem with a lot of these incidents is the racism is subconscious and subtle, it doesn’t have to be intentional. It’s so great we are at a time where the masses can call out people on their BS and receive an immediate response. This forces people to be more responsible and educate themselves.

Honestly, in this case, it is such a lengthy and tedious process to be able to even begin testing vaccines on humans, so I don’t think their intentions were that ill. We just have to watch our language and constantly check our biases.

3. A proud dad

You guys know me, I’m a sucker for wholesome news. I came across this video on twitter and it was the sweetest thing ever

I just watched the dads face the entire time 🥺 that must be the best feeling ever, mashallah, seeing your kids learn your craft.

Apprenticeship is a lost art!! We need to bring it back. You gain so much connection and priceless gems when you learn from the experienced, rather than a textbook. Imagine how boring Karate Kid would be if he didn’t meet Mr Miyagi.

Brb calling my dad.


  • Anonymous

    I am about to become a father soon to a beautiful baby girl. Let me just tell you that, that video brought me so much excitement and inner love. Although I may not be a chef, I work in an office, but I can only imagine how heartwarming it will be to teach or see your child apply things they’ve learnt from you.

    I was also furious by news on the milk being spilt,
    it aches knowing how much people in need could have benefitted from that!

    Great post, highly enjoyed.

    • asli

      Wow congrats on that! That’s such a blessing, that’s beautiful that you are thinking about teaching her things. I’m grateful to my father for all the memories he’s given me when I was a child, I hope you guys have a similar father-daughter bond. All the best to your growing family!!

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