Me vs. The Earth

Before I start I’ll say I have a lot of flaws
A couple of fears,
And some deep rooted issues
But there’s this dream that I have
One that I fall asleep to every night
One that’s so deeply woven in my heart
I don’t care if I’m inadequate

I don’t care if I’m not enough
A life without my art
I lived it, I can’t fathom it
It’s like I’m walking around with two weights on top of my heart
And that’s not exaggerate
So I have to reach the life of my dreams
By any means
Even if I have to fight the earth
Cause I’m only here this one time
And I probably lived more than half of it
So even if the earth decides I’m not enough
And raises the standard above the clouds
Above my reach

Then I’ll go the longest route  
I’ll build day by day 
I’ll scavenge for pieces,
Finding new ways

And if along the way I spill it all 
Fall on my face
Even If the earth decides to laugh 
I’ll start again from scratch

The reality is I’m not gonna stop
So if we got to go back and forth then so be it
It’ll be that way with me until the curtains close
And when I die 
And the earth swallows me whole
It will say this one…this one out up a fight
 I will leave on it a scar or two
And when it is asked about it 
It will tell the story of a girl
With too much heart
Too much grit
Too much love 
I promise you 
It will tell the stars and echo into the universe
The story of our fight

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