Poems,  the homemade remedy


You know,

I always found it convenient,
That the places where resources lie
Is always where democracy needs protection

And the leaders you call evil
Never fit your financial agenda

With a flash,
They become the focus of your media’s attention,
Their flaws become the pinnacle of human rights violation
And you demand the worlds moral intervention Who replaces is either worse or the same, success of Habré
But they are somehow beneficial
To you and your people

I always found that convenient,

I always found it convenient,
Every time you arrive here with suitcases and aid
And say,
“we are here to develop this land out of concern”
Throw us a booklet full of vague terms,
Words that twist and turn
For us to analyze, dissect, and discuss
Our problems and past plastered in front of us
We become chained to the definitions on the page
The Nkrumah’s go missing, the Mildly Poisoned remain,
So you define the words, we play the game
Your quirks become customs, ours become strange,
In the morning we were building,
We stop
To play catch up for the rest of the day

But when night falls, all is done and you leave,
It’s your land
That seems a little more full

I always found that convenient,

It’s not a coincidence

It’s false flags,
It’s fake wars,
It’s careless policies

It’s staging coups,
It’s weapon sales,
It’s profiting off instability

It’s sloppy apologies
Blatant hypocrisy
Over the deaths that contradict the reason you intervene
Like Morsi in the middle east
Or the fall Mossedegh

It’s plotting, baiting,
Gallons of blood to be shed
All to make your shoe bottoms more red

Then you circle back,
New age imperialism, weaponizing concern
I don’t believe you
And I don’t want your books
I don’t need you

And just as no matter how beautiful you paint a tree
You can’t eat from its fruit,
No matter how beautiful you paint your lies
It can’t replace the truth

It will sprout from the ground
Multiplied from its root
Comfort for those who fight for good

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